Brenda Rule-Osburn
Brenda Rule-Osburn Personal Trainer


Brenda Rule-Osburn

She received national attention for her personal goals her becoming a certified trainer. 

EXERCISE. Some of you may hate it. Some of you can’t stick with it. Now there is a program designed for you! Let me help you become a self motivated exercise enthusiast. Creating new exercise routines for you so that you stay excited for years to come is my goal. Becoming and staying mentally and physically healthy is critical for long lasting health. The old adage, if you do what you have always done, then you will get what you have always gotten.

My name is Brenda Rule-Osburn. I am a Registered Dental Hygienist and a Certified Fitness Trainer with ISSA and the Association of Fitness by Phone Coaches. I am currently working on my ACE (American Council on Exercise) certification. I have owned/operated “Bodies Be Fit” in the Land of Enchantment, beautiful New Mexico, for the last 10 years. Having a profession in the medical field and the fitness industry allows me the ability to assess clients to maximize their goals and maintain their longevity. 

I was named Fitness by Phone Coach of the Year 2005. I was featured in the national magazine “Best Body”, as well as state wide journals, magazines and newspapers. I have had several interviews on television and radio regarding my fitness business and unique approach. I have studied Intuitive Eating and utilize this with many of my clients. You see, diets just do not work. I teach strategic food combining with healthy eating and exercise so that you are satisfied when you eat and you see your desired results quicker. Continuing education is vital for me as it enables me to teach and touch your life in a positive way. I am passionate about life and exercise. Staying in shape is the key to aging gracefully. Lifting weights and understanding how to perform your cardio correctly will keep you lean and muscularly defined. Giving you routines utilizing dumbbells, tubing, kettle bells, barbells, medicine balls, functional training, as well as unique ways of working out on the treadmill, elliptical, the slide, jumping rope, spin bike, and boot camp routines are my areas of expertise. Having a variety allows you to enjoy your exercising and keeps you accountable to becoming and staying FIT!

I have trained all ages and fitness levels. I feel that my workouts are challenging, effective, energy efficient and enticing. Come on, give them a try and exercise with me!

Remember, becoming fit is not instant gratification. It takes time and your belief in yourself that this is what you really want. I believe that together, I can help you attain your fitness goals.