For the first time in my life, I’ve found a fitness program that I can say is designed for “me”, monitored for “me”, and works for “me”. Fitness By Phone is as close as you can get to having a personal trainer who is on call whatever time of day you decide to exercise. I had spent years of working out and trying new fitness fads only to eventually end up at the same familiar plateau that left me with no other choice but to look for something else “that worked”.

But with Fitness By Phone, I have finally found the tools to help me succeed. I had no idea when I embarked on the 12-week mission, that my “little blue box” and I would become such close friends! With just a heart rate monitor and a caltrac device, I can now closely follow my progress, as well as see what exercises are working best for me. And when life throws me a change in the schedule-no problem! My Fitness By Phone program lets me make simple adjustments so I never have to feel like I’ve gone off course. I could never have imagined looking forward to working out with that kind of enthusiasm I now have. Fitness By Phone offers me a variety of choices. So I never feel like my body is “getting used to” or “bored with” a certain exercise. Best of all, it’s “my” choice, and no matter what I choose there’s always a new challenge. Only now the challenge is not between me and the machine, or me and the clock, or me and the routine… It’s a challenge to find our what works best for me. Fitness By Phone has really taught “me” to be the master of my destiny.

Augusta Nyers

I have always worked out in years past but had gradually done less and less over the years ans slowly gotten heavier in the process. I feel this gradual process snuck up on me as well as my workouts become more and more irregular.

I became a FBP client for a couple of reasons. While applying for a life insurance policy, I found my total cholesterol was high enough that I was denied coverage while during the same time periods one of my best friends and periodontal colleagues, who during was the same age as me suffered a major myocardial infarction. This opened my eyes that it was time for me to get serious in getting back to the best health I could possibly get into.

For me, the most significant aspect FBP is the accountability factor with Brenda. If and when I get off track, I will see it and have the motivation to ge back ASAP.

FBP is different from any other program I have been on. It is ongoing regarding the maintenance phase. I have not been on many other programs, so it is hard for me to rate with others. I will say Brenda is quite helpful in her reports back to me encouraging me to stick with my routine and ongoing goals to strive for each week as well as professional pearls for healthy eating and exercise.

Not only would recommend FBP but do recommend it. I suggest to patients I see to seek a consultation with Brenda. Many patients I see who have periodontal disease and are being confronted with the health issues associated with the disease are starting the process of health awareness. In addition to the inflammatory process of periodontal disease and it’s negative effect on our bodies, fat tissue has been found to have an inflammatory component as well IN the quest to get healthier, loosing fat is as important in an extended life as well as quality of life, therefore one should consider a professional fitness program, as I am with Brenda and FBP.  

Dr. Keighm Crook, Periodontist

I began my FBP journey with Brenda in July of 2002. This program has been extremely educational and helped me with my all-around fitness routine immensely. When we began, Brenda focused on getting me into “working out” in general. She helped get me in a routine, while all the time monitoring where I was at, using the Caltrac and the Heart Rate Monitor. Before long, my routine became part of my day-to-day lifestyle. I now look at working out as something so regular, like brushing my teeth. I look forward to it and my body craves it.

As I progressed, my exercise program evolved, teaching me so much about heart rate zones, active calories burned, among many other important factors. Brenda taught me how to get the most out of my workouts in order to achieve optimal results. FBP enabled me to incorporate many different types of workouts, so that I was never bored. I do everything from rollerblading, spinning, hiking, and yoga to sprinting up and down my hallways at home.

Brenda slowly incorporated better eating habits into my diet, along with more exercise time, cardio and strength training, and kept changing my exercise routines as we went. This helped me mix things up so I was never bored. I learned invaluable eating habits. I never felt like I was on a diet. I have lost 19 lbs. I still have a long way to go, but I know I will get there. On this program, Brenda taught me how to take care of myself and make time to exercise and eat right. I learned that even if I only have 30 minutes, I could get a decent workout. The goals she helped me set were obtainable-and all personalized to my schedule and lifestyle.

FBP is up to the individual, and teaches one to be accountable to one’s self. Working out is at one’s own pace on one’s own time frame. The trainer is a teacher, giving you invaluable lessons on how to best incorporate fitness into your personal lifestyle by setting goals and monitoring where you are at every step of the way. I would not have been able to accomplish what I had so far without Brenda, and know that because of her help and support, I will be able to complete and sustain my health fitness goals forever.

Doreen Hartman

I had not exercised in three years! When I had exercised before that, I did not have enough variety in my workouts and got bored very easily.

I was tired of being a slug. I gained 15 pounds on my petite 5’2” frame – all of which seemed to congregate around my midsection – and was chubby for the first time in my life. Additionally, my job is very stressful and I needed a way to handle that stress. To top it off, I was diagnosed with osteopenia, putting me at risk for osteoporosis, and I knew that weight-bearing exercise could help to strengthen my bones. I needed a program to provide motivation and exercise direction.

I love my Fitness by Phone® coaching program. The variety is great and my coach shows me how to exercise to prevent injury. I have gotten leaner, stronger, and have more stamina than I’ve had in 40 years! (I am 57 years old.) And, my last bone scan showed that I gained bone mass in my hip and the bone mass in my back has stayed constant!

My favorite part of the program is learning which exercises burn the most calories, and seeing the actual improvement every single week. Fitness by Phone® has challenged me in a way that no other program ever has. I easily get bored and my body plateaus at a certain level, which is very de-motivating. My Coach keeps up the momentum – our sessions and my workouts are fresh and ever-changing.

I always recommend Fitness by Phone® to people – it gives you a great kick-start, and you have a trained coach to oversee your program who is creative at adapting exercise to each individual’s needs, goals, fitness level, and lifestyle. It is definitely customized.

My Fitness by Phone® experience has given me a permanent set of good habits. I believe it is the best way to become fit!” 

Martha Morisi

I called Brenda because I was sick and tired of being sick and tired. And my clothes were getting too tight. It was time to take control and make a change.

I didn’t have an exercise program prior to Fitness By Phone. When I made it to the gym, I stumbled through the machines never understanding exactly what I needed to do to get results. FBP taught me exactly how to work out to see results. I had a range of great exercises and the means to actively track my success. FBP allows you to be in control of your exercise program. You set goals every week and know exactly what activity to do to reach them. You are given the tools to track your progress and to achieve your ultimate level of fitness and health.

The way I felt when I hit my fitness milestones made me want to reach for more! I have never felt stronger, healthier or more capable in my entire life. There is no better time than RIGHT NOW to become the best person you can be. You have the power to change your life by following the FBP program. You can do it too!

Tiffany Ficklin

I had no exercise program before I called FBP. I told myself, “I don’t have time to exercise!” and “I HATE to exercise.” I had never enjoyed exercise, probably because I have battled being overweight most of my life. When one is lugging around a LOT of extra weight, exercising can seem overwhelming and discouraging – not to mention exhausting and painful at first. Probably for those reasons, I always found a million other things to do, other than exercise.

My “New Year’s Resolution” was to start taking better care of myself. My doctor had put me on blood pressure medicine, cholesterol medicine, told me I was “pre-diabetic,” and that if I didn’t change something, I’d be diabetic within another year. I was also diagnosed with sleep apnea, probably partly genetic and partly due to being overweight. My doctor wanted me to lose weight and exercise at least 150 minutes per day. I had made attempts to get exercise, but nothing lasted. I would quickly lose motivation, get discouraged, and I was right back in my sedentary ways. I decided perhaps I needed a trainer. I searched on the internet and found Brenda Rule-Osborne and Fitness by Phone. From Brenda’s website, I thought perhaps this might be a good alternative to the cost of a one on one trainer. I called Brenda, went over to her home and visited with her, and decided to give this a try. My youngest daughter tried to talk me out of doing Fitness by Phone because she said, “You won’t stick with it and you’ll waste your money.” Her comment fueled my fire and I was determined to prove her wrong.

There are a couple of things I really like about Fitness by Phone. First, I love the variety of exercises Brenda has provided for me. I don’t get bored because I have lots to choose from. (I will admit, however, I have my FAVORITE exercises, but I really make an attempt to vary what I am doing from week to week.) Second, I have really appreciated being accountable to someone weekly. I think that has really kept me on track and motivated me to get my exercising in each week. Third, I have appreciated the guidance in varying your exercise routines, tracking calories burned, and monitoring your heart rate. Before FBP, I really never knew what I was trying to accomplish through exercise and how to go about it. Brenda really knows what she is doing!

Honestly, I have never really tried another program similar to FBP. Over the years, I tried various things. For example, I belonged to Curves more than once in the past. I got some results when I went regularly, but it eventually got boring. I’ve also belonged to other exercise clubs before and always went for a few weeks at first and then quit going. I’ve also gotten in aerobics classes and other exercise classes before, but never stuck with anything. The weekly one-on-one time with Brenda on the phone really made a difference in motivating me and in my understanding of what to do to achieve results.

My favorite part of FBP is that I have learned how to work exercise into my life without having to belong to a gym or go to a class somewhere. I have a workout room in the complex where I live, and I usually exercise there, if not at home. I love the convenience I have now, and I have learned to schedule exercise into my life and make it a top priority each week. I can actually say I enjoy exercising now. It’s like a “good” new habit! I feel much healthier, and I am hoping I can get off the blood pressure & cholesterol medicine. ( I’m probably stuck with the CPAP machine for sleep apnea, however!)

I would recommend FBP to anyone. I would tell them your health is worth the investment and to stick with it, listen to Brenda, be patient with yourself, and don’t give up! FBP works if you do the work!

Bonnie Bailey

Over the years I have worked out intermittently. Each time I would start out well and with the best of intentions to get fit. I had no routines in mind when I went to the gym and just did what I felt good about doing. If I missed a session ……well, it didn’t matter!! Very quickly the sessions got shorter, then the sessions became less, and then the sessions finally stopped. This pattern repeated itself over the years. I was the real yo-yo exerciser.

I travel a lot with my job and needed an exercise regime that would work with my schedule. As I didn’t have always have access to a gym I needed a structured exercise regimen that was customized for me and that I could fit into my routine. Being given exercises to work on every week meant I was exercising with a purpose. Keeping a diary of my workouts kept me focused. Talking to the trainer every week made me accountable.

FBP taught me how to exercise properly and be aware of what I was doing i.e. working different muscle groups, mixing cardio with strength training. The phone calls were very useful as we were able to set aside time to enable us to be more focused on discussing my training. The phone calls being separate from the training sessions allowed us to be more focused on discussing my fitness training in the past week and working on a plan for the next week.

I have never had access to a trainer when I wasn’t physically at the gym. The communication was much better, and having a structured, personalized program was great.

I certainly would recommend FBP. The service is personal, structured, appropriate.

Colin Watson

I am a Realtor and my schedule is always changing. I would use the excuse that I didn’t have the time or I showed property all day and was too tired, I would do extra tomorrow (of course that didn’t happen). Don’t get me wrong I was working out but wasn’t seeing any results that I wanted. I didn’t have a plan to reach my goals.

I’ve had personal trainers before but none like Brenda and Fitness By Phone. The FBP gives you flexibility and accountability. Brenda’s weekly phone calls were great motivators. I never would have pushed myself like Brenda pushes me. It’s a great program, best I have ever done. Brenda has all the right tools to make your goals a reality. You set goals and have a defined path of how to achieve them—no excuses. Brenda keeps you on track, encourages and is strict (she wants you to succeed). I saw results right away, which only made me want to do more. I love the caltrac and heart rate monitor tools that come with the program. I was able to workout when I wanted but under Brenda’s direction at the same time. It’s a system that is changeable for each person, no one does the exact same thing and Brenda has an uncanny ability to access the person, setup their program and encourage all at the same time so you see results right away. It’s hard work but definitely worth it. I am now mountain biking, walking 18 holes of golf and wearing a bikini on the beach.

I would absolutely recommend FBP to everyone. I don’t really have to tell people a lot, they usually ask me what I’ve done because they see me and how I’ve changed, plus I have more energy, confidence and can hit the golf ball farther.

Keep in mind with any program you have to have the CAN DO ATTITUDE!! Brenda instills this in you, when you think you can’t—she shows you that YOU CAN!

Joyce Haden