Fitness and Fat Burn

Exercising with Gravity is Gratifying, a way for fitness and fat burn.

It is you versus gravity.

A quick new workout is popping up in health clubs all over the country. The gym is not the only place you will find it.

These firefighters are testing a new fitness craze with machines that use gravity to build muscle.

Firefighter Tony Pittarelli says, “…Space and injury prevention. Less weights, less plates, you don’t have to have a spotter. You can just go in there and do a quick workout and that’s it.”

“It’s a great piece of equipment that can go into such a small space, and you can work every body part,” says Tony Pittarelli.

The average firefighter going into battle with heavy gear can weight up to 300 pounds. So, it’s no wonder that stress-related heart disease is the leading cause of firefighter deaths.

For firefighters, injuries are another big concern.

Movement is Key

Brenda Rule-Osburn is a certified personal trainer and says, “So, the more movement, the more range and training of other muscles, the less prone we are to injury.”

According to research, this type of incline resistance training is an effective tool for people recovering from lower body injuries.

The machines allow the spine to be fully supported and exercisers rely on using their core muscles to maintain balance.

This creates a strong core that can prevent injury and improve posture.

“People with back problems, hip replacements, things like that, this is a great piece of equipment that keeps you stabilized,” says Brenda Rule-Osburn.

So whether you have pain or just looking for a quick and effective workout, gravity is apparently holding its ground.

Gravity machines are the only incline training system to be endorsed by the American Physical Therapy Association.

Put Some Meat on Your Bones

It turns out what your grandmother said may be true: “Put some meat on your bones.”

In a study released today scientists say being just a bit overweight reduces your chances of dying of some chronic diseases.

Notice we said overweight not obese because there is a difference.

Researchers found overweight people usually 20 to 30 pounds over what’s recommended are not more likely to die from heart disease or cancer.

Actually die less often from lung cancer, Alzheimer’s, and Parkinson’s.
Experts say don’t try to gain weight but if you’re just a few pounds over and otherwise healthy don’t sweat it.

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